Nearly 50% of US Households are Loyal Amazon Shoppers

If that wasn't crazy enough, most of these loyal Amazon shoppers pay to be there, via Amazon Prime. We've been watching this e-commerce revolution unfold over the past several years. Amazon as a sales channel is no longer optional for your brand, it is a strategic imperative. Stay Hungry Digital has the experience and capabilities to bring you up to speed.

A Digital Agency

We live on the internet, and thrive on ecommerce.  Our expertise and backgrounds are built in the digital age.

Forward Thinking

We are tapped into the leading ecommerce industry news and alerts.  We know what’s ahead, and we’ll make sure you do too.

Problem Solvers

Challenging products and competitive verticals are our wheelhouse.  Your headaches are our opportunities.

Customer Support

We know what it is like to need real, human help and support.  We are with you every step of the way on your ecommerce journey.

Schedule a call and we'll give you a clear picture of where you're at and where you could be on Amazon.

Our Focus On Your Success

We work alongside your team to deliver results in a synergistic process.

Our Strategy and Process

We specialize in getting your catalog listed and up to date, where you control the product content for your brand.  Next, we implement SEO and PPC strategies to drive traffic and sales.  Continuing to monitor and maintain the health of a well executed stragegy, we then provide oversight on the ideal inventory levels and advertising spends on Amazon’s marketplace.

Amazon can be complex as there are many levers to pull to increase your sales. As the largest marketplace continues to grow, the competitive landscape within your category does as well. Through various strategies, we can take your brand to the next level in order to survive the crazy habitat of the Amazon.

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Building and Controlling Your Amazon Product SKUs
You may already have products listed on Amazon, or you need to build out many SKUs.  We will ensure that the products under your brand are controlled by your Seller Central account (content control) wherever possible.  Additionally, we can easily import your content and product catalogs, to build out your products with an SEO focus.
Designing and Implementing Traffic and Conversion Strategies
With your catalog built with an SEO focus, we will design and run pay-per-click (PPC) advertising campaigns, and continue to target profitable search keywords.  If you already have campaigns, we can audit them and tell you which ones are profitable and which ones need revision.
Key Performance Indicator (KPIs) Plan Monitoring and Maintenance

With your products selling and inventory shipping, we build the measurement tools you need to accurately track inventory levels, campaign ROIs, conversion rates, and other key performance indicators (KPIs).

Our Experience

We’ve driven millions in revenue across thousands of products.  What can we do for your brand?

Jared Bucci

Jared Bucci

Founder | Chief Amazon Strategist

With a wealth of experience in diverse product niches and category verticals, Jared delivers e-commerce success for your brand.  Having worked in-house for some global brands in addition to top-tier sales channel management/marketing firms, he has the knowledge and expertise to drive the ROI your marketing budget requires.  Schedule some time for him to take a look at your catalog, and you will come away with a clear vision of the potential for your brand.

Adam Jackson

Adam Jackson

Co-Founder | Amazon Strategist

Having managed 7 and 8 figure Amazon accounts, Adam has helped solve problems for brands small and large, driving growth across a vast array of product categories. Coming from a startup background, with experience in logistics and senior account management, Adam’s eCommerce strengths include strategic business development, account revenue growth, maximizing SKU profitability, optimizing brands’ Amazon presence for performance and on-brand marketing, PPC advertising campaign management, and maintaining Seller account integrity.