Most Online Product Searches Start on Amazon

That's right. Consumer surveys indicate that a majority of all searches for products begin by searching Amazon, not Google. That means that when customers first search Amazon for your product, they are not going to find your website with outdated strategies that are even a few years old. Don't worry, the landscape is changing fast, but we can help you navigate this huge opportunity.

Our Services

We drive success for your brand in three avenues – Content Strategy, Advertising Strategy, Profitability Strategy.  Discover how Stay Hungry Digital will create new revenue, and make it profitable here.

Content Strategy

Optimizing your content starts with the product titles, focusing on search discoverability as the top priority.  Next, we’ll consider video, rich media, key product bullets, and A+/Enhanced content to execute content marketing tactics.  

Advertising Strategy

We analyze top keywords and look for the most promising search volumes in your space.  By understanding which keywords are generating the most conversions, we can follow the data to showcase top products and cross-sell complementary SKUs within your catalog.

Profitability Strategy

Should you be selling 3P or 1P? By analyzing every SKU at a granular level, we can evaluate which sales and inventory platforms are best for your products.  We can run the numbers and know the expected margins to make the most informed inventory decisions.

Is your ad on top?

Is your ad here? If not, lets make sure your brand is discoverable for the top keywords that are most relevant to your products.

Content Strategy

If you are a brand new seller to Amazon and you are unsure where to start, utilize our expertise. Our team of former 3P sellers will work to get you set up with a Seller Central Account which will get you Buy Box Eligibility on Day 1. Our relationships with category managers will expedite the process and will ensure a jump start on selling. Interested in selling directly to Amazon? Let us put together a profitability analysis to see what makes the most sense for your brand.

Content Creation & Optimization – Our experienced and creative team of copywriters will help sell your brand story. Titles, bullet points, descriptions, imagery A+ content, enhanced branded content are all variables to enriching your brand’s content which will lead to a higher conversion rate.

Review Strategy – Stay in touch with your customers, build lifetime customer value and put best practices in place to organically increase the amount of product/seller reviews.

Advertising Strategy

Generating the return on ad spend (ROAS) your bottom line needs is critical to Amazon Marketplace success.  We frequently see campaigns with components generating negative returns due to lack of oversight.  If you’re worried about where your marketing budget is going, and what are the returns, we can help.

Let’s discuss a budget that works for you and set ROI goals while having experts on our team implement offensive and defensive PPC strategies. We are wicked good at campaign creation and optimizations for all of your paid efforts – Dominate all prime real estate on Amazon with Sponsored Products, Headline Search Ads, and Product Display Ads.

Account Review

We will audit your current account, or help you build a new account in order to design an advertising strategy.

Data Collection and Analytics

Analytics is how you compete in the Amazon Marketplace.  We’ll review the data you currently have and ensure you’re collecting the data you need.

Strategy and Tactics

We’ll help you design the offensive and defensive PPC strategy you need win traffic that will convert.  You will target competing products and keywords with results.

Reporting and Maintenance

The analytics don’t stop just because they’re working.  We’ll set up the KPIs reporting and maintenance you need to keep an eye on things and achieve your financial objectives. 

Profitability Strategy

There is a bevy of cost consideration to make when evaluation sales channel and inventory strategy.  Should you sell via 1P or 3P?  What are the advantages and disadvantages of each for your brand?  We frequently see products where one channel has the potential to be up to 50% more profitable than the other.  Thorough cost analysis is critical to success.  


Analyze the Fulfilled-By-Amazon (FBA) fees and costs on each of your SKUs.


Discover your inventory lead times, production cycles, and requirements.


Recommend inventory strategy, and monitor sales velocities to give optimal inventory levels.

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Customer Comments

Check out what some client’s who have taken advantage of our Amazon PPC services have said.

“With the SHD team focused on our Amazon sales we have more time to focus on our business and product development.  They are an asset!”



“The SHD team helped us launch and establish our skincare brand on Amazon. After launching in mid-July, we rapidly grew sales through our joint efforts which culminated in page 1 ranking on Amazon for a variety of high volume keywords. This provided our brand with an ongoing asset that continues to deliver sales every day. The SHD team is knowledgeable, has great communication skills, and is an all-around great group. Highly recommended.”


President, Kantian Skincare

“Jared and his team are experienced, analytics-driven marketers of Amazon. Their work was impactful in helping us grow our business over 3x in 9 months. For those with an emerging brand who are considering selling on Amazon, or growing their Amazon business I recommend checking in with SHD and seeing if there’s a fit.”


Vice President, Comvita Manuka Honey